PJ Styles

PJ Styles


Hey there, and welcome to 102.3 The Hook! A few things about me:

-I was born and raised in Richmond and graduated high school in the Chicagoland area. I loved it there, except for the winters (which seem to last for 8 months!)

-I moved to Cville after graduating from JMU, and figured I’d be here for maybe two years and then I’d move on. 20 plus years later, I’m still here! This city isn’t nicknamed “the Hook” for no reason. It gets in your blood makes you want to stay (unintentional Dave Matthews reference).

-As a JMU grad I bleed purple and gold, and I love my Dukes, especially football! But I was raised as a UVA fan, so I have equal love for the ‘Hoos! UVA basketball and baseball are my favorites to watch in Cville.

-I may have a slight shoe addiction. At last count, I probably own anywhere from 60-100 pairs of sneakers. I find shoes I’ve never worn and forgot I owned. I’m a Disney World and Star Wars nerd, and I may have a “few” collectibles in my office at work and at home!

-If I could live anywhere else but Cville it would be near a beach. The mountains are beautiful, but I’ve always been an ocean lover!

-In my spare time I enjoy photography most reality tv shows. Current faves are Below Deck, Sister Wives (why? I don’t know!), all of the 90 Days shows, Dr. Pimple Popper and Survivor. Non-reality shows I love include Stranger Things, The Bear, Succession, Justified, and The Mandalorian. There are plenty of others, but at least this gives you an idea!

-I’m an 80s/90s kid at heart. I miss cruising the mall on Friday and Saturday nights, watching Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of Lucky Charms, and carefree summer days at the pool with my friends. And that’s what I love about this radio station…nostalgia. A certain song will come on and it brings me back to a particular memory from those days. So yeah, 102.3 The Hook does indeed bring you back! I’m happy to be a part of your day, and super excited for you to be a part of mine!